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Installer/Technician (Former Employee) says

"We were made to perform dangerous jobs with no proper safety training. When we brought it up we were sent home with threat of termination. Many things we did I found out later were illigal. We were paid bottom dollar and when asked for a raise I was brought in for discussion then given a week off penalty. The final straw was when my husband lost his job and I begged for more money they terminated me."

Ski Snowboard Instr (Current Employee) says

"Close to DC, average snowfall 100 inches. 700 ft vertical, very good snowmaking potential. Wooded setting tremendous scenic vistas from the summit."

Sasha says

"Never finished the order process as I found a more affordable option, my card was charged anyway. I went to check their refund policy, only to find that it says they don't give refunds. So I just paid $65 that I couldn't afford for nothing."

Melanie says

"Only available in limited states. Hellowisp.com only ships to a limited amount of states in the country - less than 20. They do not service Arizona (they don't serve Phoenix? The 5th largest city in the country? But they do service Wyoming???) They do not share this information anywhere on their site, so if they don't serve your state, it will be a complete waste of your time. You will contact their support team asking why your address doesn't work, and they will wait a day to write back to tell you that they don't service your state. Beware! It's very upsetting! Especially if you need the medication asap. Terrible business ethics, unfair to the consumer."

Nancy says

"Never got product. I try contract them direct and they never responded"

E says

"Definitely cool that you’re able to pick up same day but I received absolutely no emails or confirmations. No notice that I would have to pay online and in person. I received notifications a WHOLE DAY later. So it ended up being a total surprise to me that I paid double for my meds. And was not given a coupon code until AFTER my card was charged. Super lame, was going to go with a cheaper option but unfortunately my card has been charged and I’m stuck with a $244.00 charge. Two stars I guess for them being fast? There are way cheaper better options out there."

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